header 2Hello! My name is Miranda.

I am a 30 something year old Momma to a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old, both boys.  I recently discovered Real Food eating and have become a believer! I love DIY projects (I have a decent success rate), I love Jesus and  I love being a Mom!  My kids are amazing and have the most lovable personalities.  That being said, there are days!!   Some days,  I swear the only way that I survive is by coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!  Boys are boys and kids are kids so everyday is different!  Sometimes I feel I am on top of the world, like supermom!  Then there are the days that I am pretty certain I am the biggest failure ever, when it comes to motherhood.

Now, well into the toddler years, I still am learning…daily!   The BIGGEST thing I have learned is that perfection does NOT exist.  There is not a “perfect” mom.   I have learned the best thing is to know your weaknesses and your strengths and to love yourself.  Love yourself just as you are.  Don’t judge yourself or others!  The little kids that God has gifted to you, they LOVE you, so you have to LOVE yourself.

I have also learned to lean on God and rely on his strength.  His strength is greater than any other and with him all things are possible.  I want him to shine in my life and my kids!

This page is all about the good, the bad and the crazy.  LIFE!  I am still early on in my journey, but I hope you will join me.  This journey called motherhood is a gift and the kids that you have are little people who one day will be big!  Our time with them is actually very small.  I love the quote “Motherhood-where the days seem long but the years short” SO true!!  So my goal is to make the years the best that I can one day at a time!

Thanks for stopping by!