You are enough! Don’t Resist….Resst!

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Have you ever been in the position, where you feel like you are following God’s plan? You feel as though you are pouring every bit of yourself into what you feel he wants you to do; yet nothing seems to be happening!

You invest your time, your thoughts and you study everything you think you can…yet nothing!

After what seems like forever, God shows you something/teaches you something in a matter of 3 small weeks, that is beyond anything you have discovered in the YEARS you have been trying!

Well, if this is you…or if you are still in the place of trying – This maybe something that will help you to stop, breath and resst!

(Now, before you see the spelling of resst as a typo and think I really need to proof-read, read on and i will explain the extra ‘s’ :-).)

As a person, a sister, a daughter, a mom, a friend, an employee, a christian and just simply as me; I want to be worthy! I want to be good enough! I want to prove that I can do things and I want to make others proud!

Sometimes, I feel as though the more I try…the less I accomplish, the worse the outcome, the more I fail!

After I raise my voice to my kiddos after a stressful day, or I talk harshly to my husband simply because I am frustrated, or I ignore a text from a friend because I just don’t have time to reply; I will look back and reflect and think “wow, I suck!”

I will think about how I should have reacted better, or about how I probably ruined my relationship with my friend simply for ignoring one text.

I move on, only to later find myself making the same mistakes and again…letting myself and others down.


When God seems to be putting things into place…

Sometimes things will happen that just SCREAM…that was GOD!!!!

It is almost impossible to deny and you become so excited for the fact that you are beginning to see his plan for you. You run with it! You thank God, so much for his blessing,  then you take it upon yourself to make sure that you succeed.

That last line – then you take it upon yourself to make sure that you succeed. 

This folks, this is where I mess up over and over and over and over again!!!  As I look back and reflect on so many things and so many times that God has opened a door for me, shown me his love, helped me in one way or another…My response is always- to then take it upon myself to make sure that I succeed!!!!

I want to learn everything I can, so I can know as much as I can, so I can be successful!

I want to teach my kids by being an example not just by words from my mouth!

I want to be an awesome wife!

I want to be an awesome friend!

I am going to learn to become a domestic champion when it comes to keeping up with the house! (yeah, not holding my breath ha!)

I am going to reach out to my friends and plan a time to get together!

Are you noticing something here…

I, I, I, I, I… is all I!!

Can we just accept his blessings and accept he is in control?

It is so obvious to me when I think about things. It is so obvious where I have constantly failed…I have to remove the I and not resist God.

Often, we think to resist God, we have to go against him.

We think that if we are trying to please him, trying to succeed for him and trying to make his plan work…there is no way that we could be resisting him. Right?


Sometimes what we see as trying, what we see as helping…is in all actuality resisting.

I have been blessed with some amazing devotions these last few weeks , and each of them have led me to the same conclusion:

Don’t RESIST God. Instead, remove the ‘I’ and allow yourself to RESST in him!

Do me a favor and say the word Rest…..

Now, say RESST.

To me, when I say rest, it is simply a word…but when I say RESST – I feel as though I am letting out a deep breath and doing just that…allowing myself to resst!!!

When we were born into this world, we were born naked. We had zero possessions, zero success’s and zero failures. We had little-to-no knowledge. We were just trying to figure out where our moms voice was coming from, so we could find its source,  resst and feel at peace.

The funny thing is, we at that time were equipped with exactly everything that we needed to be who God wants us to be!

Yes, we had and still have to learn things. Yes, we must have success and failures in order to grow. We must grow! The thing is, God…he’s got this!

We need to stop trying so hard to be everything we want to be and RESST in the fact that we are exactly who he wants us to be. In our core being, we are who he created and we were created for a PURPOSE!

Sometimes, we make choices that send us on a detour, but luckily we have an AMAZING guide to guide us back! If we don’t Resist and just Resst!!!

We will find that, just like when we were a baby…in the midst of confusion and doubt…if we simply allow ourselves to find the comforting voice of our Father, dig into where it is coming from, curl ourselves up in his arms and allowing him to comfort us; we will find our peace and we will RESST!

Just as our mothers nurtured us as a baby, loved us, hugged us, cuddled us, taught us things, led us by example and made sure we thrived…God will also do for us.

Just as our mothers disciplined us for our own good and also allowed us to fail, so that we would learn to succeed…God will do for us!

Sometimes, I can just imagine him saying STOP!!! Stop trying so hard and just quiet yourself and spend some time with me! I will provide you with everything you need…just Stop trying so hard!

You are enough! You to your core are God’s work; he made you, he loves you and you have to stop trying to “be” who you think you are meant to “be” and instead RESST in God. Trust him to fulfill his purpose and his plan for you!

He has one, I promise you this!!!

Stop, take a deep breath and allow yourself to RESST!  Don’t try to make yourself who you or the world believe you should be! Allow God to make you the person HE wants you to be!!





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