Running in Circles! Again…

Have you ever been doing something and then something pops into your mind and you think “I should do that”?

Well, today, I was working on a project that has almost consumed me lately. A project that I whole heartedly believe in, but I have to admit…I have let take priority over others things that I should be attending to.

While I was working on said project, Luke chapter 12 popped into my mind. Random? Kinda.

Earlier today, when I was driving home, I heard a sermon on the radio and reference was made to Luke 12. I did not hear any of the actual sermon, but just the end when this was mentioned.

I continued on and for some reason, I felt I had to read this!

So I did just that, I got my bible and I read.

Sometimes in life, we feel like we are following God’s path and God’s will for us. Soon, we find that the path we are following…is not leading to the destination we envisioned. We carry on believing that it is just taking time, but then begin to question the path.

Is this really God’s path?

Is this me or is this him?

Why is nothing happening?

Well, I will be honest, this had been me!

In Luke 12, Faith is a trending topic. If God cares for the sparrows; why would he not care for you? If God provides for the Lilies; why would he not provide for you?

One thing that stood out to me, other than the trending topic of faith, was greed and hypocrisy.

Greedy and hypocritical, are two words I would not use to describe myself. Generally, I would say these are two things that are the opposite of me.

It is strange though, how if we sit back and really evaluate our hearts, we can sometimes learn things aren’t as they seem.

I love Jesus, I love people and I want to share any and everything I can to spread the word as best as I can!

Sometimes though, we allow ourselves to try to accomplish God’s mission, on our own. We feel empowered and we feel as though we have the knowledge and ability to go forth and be successful. We forget though, one tiny (ok HUGE) detail…God!

Silly right? If you are talking about and trying to spread God, how could you be forgetting him?

Well, it is really quite simple. We get so carried away with trying to serve out our purpose, that we forget…our purpose is fully dependent on Christ! Outside of him, no matter our hearts intent, we are handicapped and will not have the strength and or ability to accomplish his plans for our lives!

When God created us and our purpose, he created it with the intent that we complete it with HIS help! He wants the partnership and he wants to be involved…He has to be involved.

When we forget this crucial step, we begin to lead ourselves into a circle of deception. We try to achieve the goal, but no matter how hard we try…we keep ending up back at the starting line.

If you are like me, you have returned to that starting line many times (more than you like to admit). You keep running the path as though it is God leading, but when you stop and look back…God is still waiting at the starting line.  He is patiently waiting for you to take his hand and let him go with you.


I am a person who comes up with ideas all the time! It is border line ridiculous. Each idea, I am certain will save the world. I whole heartedly dive into making the idea come true and then get discouraged when I see no real result. Then, another idea!!!!  I think…This is the one…and then the cycle starts itself again.

The common denominator I see in each failed attempt, is I start trying to take flight on my own. I run with the idea and completely forget that in order to fly…I need wings!!!  No wonder I crash!!!

If I try to fly solely on my own, I will go no where! I will be in the air for about a second and then come crashing down. Where though do these “wings” come from?

They come from God, they come from knowledge, from the bible and from the Holy Spirit.

I like to say that I am wonderful at reading my Bible and getting in my quiet time. Sadly, in the busyness of the day and trying to make my “ideas” come to fruition, this is what I tend to let go.

I then return to the starting line. I tell God I am sorry, I got excited and ran off! God then reaches out for my hand and grabs it. Fully aware of my past failures and failed attempts to continue holding his hand; he still extends his hand willingly and takes mine.

While I was reading today a verse stuck out to me: Luke 12; 15 – “Beware? Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.”

Greed? Well, clearly this is not my problem…I mean I am frugal and have trouble spending more than $10 dollars on a an article of clothing. Clearly, I am NOT greedy! Right?

Well, sometimes the truth hurts and can shock us a bit when we see it.

Yes, I am greedy!

I often think I am putting God first, but in the back of my mind I am trying to think how can I make this work financially for me? I think that I am being humble and following God, but selfishly I am doing what makes me happy.

I attend Church, Bible study and other groups regularly and I try to appear that I have it all together. Honestly, sometimes I foolishly think that I do. I feel if I portray this, then it will be.

Each of us must resist the temptation to settle for the appearance of faith and devotion when our hearts are a far cry from God.

A lot of times when you set out to “save the world” God kindly and patiently shows you how much your first need to examine yourself.

It is easy, when you begin speaking of Christ and others start to listen, to become complacent and think…I’ve got this. But complacency is Satan’s open door.

If we are not filling ourselves daily, with God’s word and spending time in heartfelt prayer; we are allowing ourselves to become complacent, knowingly or not.

When we have heard the word of God spoken, a seed is planted in our hearts. When we read and study God’s word, water is pored onto that seed. When we spend time in prayer, fertilizer and shelter is poured over that seed. Soon, that seed begins to grow!

If we neglect being in God’s word and neglect our time in prayer; we begin to expose that seed to the elements…we begin to expose that seed to Satan.

Just like a bird in the sky, as soon as our seed is exposed…Satan can swoop in and harm that seed. He can hinder its ability to flourish, or he could straight up devour it.

God’s word is precious and so valuable to our lives! We often underestimate its power and our need for it.

Today, I acknowledge this weakness I have. I admit, AGAIN, I am at the starting line!!!

If you too are in this same place, I encourage you to get out your bible and read! God’s word is like a light bulb. Even if it has been dimmed or completely shut of; it can be turned back on with the flip of a switch. That switch, is your bible! By flipping it open, God’s light will turn back on and the seed in your heart will again…begin to grow!



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