Poop, butterflies and keys…just your average morning!! Right?!

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It is one of those days where it feels like it should be 3pm, but we are still in the morning hours. Motherhood – is not for the weak, folks. Goodness gracious! Just trying to get out the door this morning…Chaos (again)!

My husband had gone to work, the boys were playing and I had to go grab their clothes. Of course, the laundry fairy hasn’t shown up this week (darn fairy, she never shows up) so “grabbing” clothes, was a bit more difficult. While sorting through clothes, I heard from the other room, “Mommy, I pooped!”

I replied back with its Ok, I will be there in a second to change your diaper.

“No Mommy, I poop on for”.

Me- What?

I asked my older son if this was true and he replied “Yup, sure is Mom…he pooped on the floor!”

I come into the room to find out, it is in fact true. Unfortunately, not just one of their “sillies” they like to play on Mommy. There it was…Poop – on my floor!

So after about half a pack of Lysol wipes, the poop was gone and I asked “why did we take our diaper off?”

“I no like my diaper…I a big boy!”

Me- Oh, of course! Well, big boys use the potty!

“Well, I still little.”

Me- Oy vey

So poop fiasco – Done!

On to the car!

We get outside and I get my youngest buckled in; I go over to get my older one. He has found a little butterfly.


He has to catch the butterfly, before we can leave; otherwise the butterfly won’t find his mommy!

So we catch the butterfly and “tell it where its mommy is” then we send it off to find her!

Butterfly fiasco…Done!

Now, I finally get both kiddos into the car and strapped in. I get in and ready to start the car…Um, no key!

Really?! I unlocked my car….so I know I had my key.

I begin to search and search….and search and search.

I unbuckled both kiddos, nope not there. I looked in the seats, the door handles, the floor, the ground around the butterfly and then it hit me…I had thrown some trash away.

Crap…The trash!!!

Of course the trash is full and the key is heavy enough that it doesn’t hang out on the top! Nope, it went down…way, way down. So, here I am digging in my trash (all the while, prospective new neighbors are watching, while waiting for the inspection man to show up) (hope this doesn’t affect their decision :-/) I finally get to the key, get into the car and we are off!!!! Thank you God!

We pull up to a stop light and there is a side-walk next to the road. On the sidewalk…a butterfly! How in the world my oldest even saw it, I have no idea, but he did!

“Mommy, the butterfly…he is lost! His Mommy is that way!”

Oh Geez! How am I going to clear up this one!?!?  Really, Mr. or Mrs. Butterfly! You had to land there…THERE of all the places!!! Really!??

So, I open the window and say “Mr. Butterfly, you went the wrong way! Your Mommy Butterfly is that way!” (Yes, the cars around us are now clearly thinking I have lost my mind and then some!)

The stinking Butterfly just sat there, some how by the grace of God, the butterfly flew off…just before the green light! To prove miracles happen…it even flew off in the right direction (towards the butterfly’s mommy)! Hallelujah!

So, the tears are no longer flowing and everyone seems to be happy and content. We get to where we are going and mission is accomplished!

Phew, my multi-tasking skills, mommy adrenaline and brain…wore me out! I was and still am, ready for a nap.


Moments like these, I hate to say often make me crazy. They make me stressed and I feel overwhelmed…today though, all I could do was laugh!

I laughed…my kids laughed and honestly…it was great!

I am glad there was chaos and crazy, I am glad that things didn’t go smooth. I am actually glad that the crazy butterfly came into our world.

Why? Because it was our chaos and our crazy and it gave us a chance to say…Who cares! Life is crazy, we are all a bit crazy and it’s Ok.

If anything, I hope that my kiddos will have learned that we can laugh when things go wrong. Life can be hectic and crazy and all-out-nuts, but we can laugh.

In all reality, it is a moment in the mix of many moments and we should embrace them. Normally, this is not how I would have reacted, but I am glad it’s how I did react.

Why? Poop on the floor, can be cleaned up (very, very, very well!!!!)!

Butterflies can be rescued and sent back home to their mommy’s!

Key’s can be lost and then found again!

Ultimately, no matter how we got there…we did get to where we were going.

So, in the end…how we got there really doesn’t matter. It is the fact that we got there and in the process…we made memories, saved a butterfly, cleaned a floor and ultimately…We laughed!

Sometimes, Motherhood is hard! It is full of mundane, simple, little daily activities. Some activities we adore and love – like the cuddles, kisses, hugs, I love you’s and many, many more. Other activities we dread – laundry, cleaning, picking up toys for the millionth time, finding each of your shoes in different places because they kids were playing with them and cleaning up poop!

In the end though, all of these activities, good or bad…they make up US :-)! So, no matter how small or insignificant something may seem…it’s not :-)! It is a part of your life, your kids life…your families life and it is important…YOU are important!

Make the little things count – dance in the rain, laugh off the crazy and chaotic and holler out your window to butterflies!!!! People around you may think your off-your-rocker, but your kids will think you ROCK!!!!!




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