Day 20 – My Hubby’s hand…

Proverbs 19:22

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,

and he receives favor from the Lord.

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As a little girl I dreamed about my wedding! I dreamed about meeting my husband, falling in love and having a family.

I have written before about my Cinderella dream.

The day of your wedding is magical! Then your life as a married couple begins. “Life” begins and sometimes the “fairy tale” begins to dwindle.

My husband and I were married in 2008; we had our first son in 2011 and our second son in 2013.

Obviously, my husband entered my life first! When my boys came along, honestly more often than not, I put my husband second and often third.

Even though he came first; as our family has grown he has slowly lost that position.

About a week ago, early in the morning, I woke up and could not go back to sleep. It was super early – like 3am early – so everyone was still in bed. I laid there for a while and played on my phone, got up and got a drink and laid back down.

My husband rolled over and his hands were laying in my direction. I reached over and held onto one of his hands and something awesome happened.

He was sleeping, so no words were shared between us; he didn’t even have a clue I was holding his hand. A lot though was said to me, from his hand to my heart.

I realized, as I held his hand, I would know that hand anywhere! You could put me into a dark room and have 100 different men hold my hand; I would be able to pick my husband’s hand out of the group.

Why? Because I have held that hand many times. That hand has been there for our wedding, the purchase of our home, the death of loved ones, the birth of our children, the hard times and the good times. That hand has been the hand that has held me up and carried me through difficult times. That hand has also been used to embrace me during a hug and to show me praise for achievements.

That hand has worked hard to provide for myself and my family.

That hand has been used to turn off the alarm and force his tired body out of bed.

That hand has been used to fix many things around the house and to help out with house work.

That hand has held and comforted both of our children numerous times.

That hand is the hand my children LOVE to hold and look for when they are learning new things.

That hand has wiped away tears, opened doors and provided reassurance and security.

That hand – is my husband, the guy I fell in love with! That hand is one that I never realized had so much power when I held it.

Since that night, I have tried to hold my husbands hand more often.

Marriage is hard; the further you get into it and the more involved life gets – the harder it is to remember the power of small things.

God designed marriage to be a blessing and a treasure.

Life will throw things at you that can weaken the bond that you and your significant other have. Marriage was created though by God and it has Gods blessing. Therefore, I think little things like this moment happen and are Gods way of reminding us of the “treasure” we have.

Your relationship with your spouse is what holds your family together.

As a mom, I know all to well the challenge of trying to nurture a relationship while trying to nurture and raise kiddos! Kids demand a LOT of attention and a LOT of time! Sometimes I think we have to remind ourselves that our kids will benefit from their parents having a strong relationship.

So, next time your spouse drives you crazy or makes you mad…remind yourself, they are a treasure!

Reach out and hold their hand and examine it with yours.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your experience is similar to mine. 🙂

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