Day 16 – Make me BRAVE

Isaiah 26:3

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Yesterday, after I wrote my post – I hate shopping for pants– I decided…if I am going to talk about having a healthy body for Christ…maybe I should practice what I preach and do something!

So I went running and walking yesterday and again today! (There was maybe more walking than running…). I am lucky to have a trail just down from my house, so this is where I usually go.

Today, I was feeling great. I was able to go farther today than yesterday – Win! (Small victories are still victories…I won’t admit to how small :-P)

Towards the end of my “running” portion – I began to think about how much your mind truly affects…Everything!

My mind began to tell me, almost from the beginning, that I was done! Yeah, my body was sore from yesterday and needed to warm up…but it was far from “done”. Once I gave it time to warm up…my body felt great! (I may not say that tomorrow :-))

I started to think about the phrase – Mind, Body and Spirit.

It is, in my opinion, symbolic for Mind to be listed first; the mind can ultimately control the Body and the Spirit…if we allow it to.

Unfortunately, if you are like me, Satan knows this…and it is the Mind he likes to “attack”.

My Body, though it wiggles and jiggles in a few places…oh heck…several places, is healthy and a lot more capable than I give it credit sometimes!

My Spirit is strong and it too, I give much less credit than it deserves!

My Mind though, this is where I struggle.

For example:

The other day I wrote a post – The World…is Not Bad. In this post, I had omitted a pretty important word and did not catch it until the next day! I wrote – we need to stop just watching and stop “praying”…! Um, Big oops!!!! The word “just” was suppose to be there…stop “just praying”…!

Needless to say, I corrected this as soon as I noticed it and prayed others didn’t pick up on it. If they did, I prayed they’d realize my error and dismiss it.

In my mind though, Satan had a field day! He started throwing all kinds of thoughts my way and let the mistake play over and over in my head! It literally ate at me and I allowed myself to fret about it and worry that I mislead someone in some way or another.

When I first started this site, it was and is intended to be a place where God is glorified! Satan used this error (some may not of even noticed) to instill fear, anxiety and regret on my heart. He allowed me to think and feel I had ruined everything…when really – it was a mistake…one that would not end the world!!!!

I will be the first to admit, I am my own worst critic and my mind…it is a battle field!

My mind is where “I see” my body and I “judge” my body. No matter what anyone else tells me…how I see myself in my mind…is how I see myself. My mind is also what “tells” my body…you can do this or you can’t do this.

My mind is also where I “judge” my spirit and “rank” my spiritual meter. My mind is what I allow to tell me if I am having/going to have a good day or bad day. My mind also reminds me of my mistakes and also, often, allows me to forget or overlook my victories.

While I was walking, the song In My Eyes – from The Afters came on and was playing. I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics until this exact part:

In my eyes, you’re more than complete.
You’re perfect to me,
If you could only see the way that you shine.
In my eyes, if there’s one thing that’s true,
It’s that I believe in you.
You make the world look so bright
And put a smile in my eyes.
In my eyes
In my eyes (put a smile in my eyes)
In my eyes

When all you see are the scars, all I see is your heart.
You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful the way that you are.

In my eyes, you’re more than complete.
You’re perfect to me,
If you could only see the way that you shine.
In my eyes, if there’s one thing that’s true,
It’s that I believe in you.
You make the world look so bright
And put a smile in my eyes.
In my eyes
In my eyes (put a smile in my eyes)

Y’all, I have never heard this song before and I have to confess; I cried! It was perfect and literally I felt God speaking it to me! I was walking on the trail, crying…I am sure I was a site, but I was so overwhelmed with his presence!

I felt amazing and I started to feel so in touch with God and felt like he was right there…I could almost imagine reaching out and touching him…it was great!

I kid you not…it was during this amazing moment that I looked a little ahead of me and there was a snake! A black snake with a tan belly!!!! I could see his belly because its head and top half were elevated off the ground! It was big! My husband would tell you I can turn a worm into an anaconda…but folks, for real, it was big!

I instantly was stricken with panic! I still had a good two miles left to get back and in my mind I imagined snakes EVERYWHERE!!!! All that was on my mind was this snake and how there could be more!

Then I realized…this “snake” had just completely stopped my “amazing” moment with God!

Just like that!

Now I am not saying this snake was Satan, but in a way it kind of was. We can be going along great in our walk with Jesus and BOOM something happens and we stumble.

It may sound silly, but I prayed that God would direct my mind back to him. (I also snuck in a prayer that he would remove any more snakes or creepy crawly things in my path!)

It worked, and he did! The snake was a distraction, one that I could have allowed to completely deter me from my moment with God. Stopping though, and realizing it was a distraction…regrouping (trying to breathe again) and fixing my “mind” back on God; allowed me to get my “moment” back.

This will become a story that I look back on over and over again. God is ALWAYS there and to him we are complete and perfect…because we have him! Jesus’s blood has covered our imperfections and our scars and has made us perfect in Gods eyes! Yes, we are still human…but because of Jesus…this is possible!

Our Minds can control our Body and Spirit; God though, can control our Mind if we let him! When things get rough or your mind starts to get clouded – stop and redirect your focus…put your focus on God.

Just as I was finishing my walk, the last song that came on was Brave by Moriah Peters! Listen to this song!!!!

It will pump you up for Jesus and make you want to Scream his name from the roof tops, every change that you get!

It was perfect…! You know the movie Rocky! When Rocky is running and training and he is punching as he runs…Yeah, in my head this is exactly what I wanted to do (luckily, I kept it in my head!)! I felt empowered and amazing!

Make me Brave -Fight like a Soldier

Rise like a Warrior – Won’t stop until the final day

I want to be stronger – Going to be bolder

Look up and I see the way – You make me BRAVE!

God makes me BRAVE!

It is my prayer that you will let God bless you with the chance to see “you” thru his eyes!!!!

You are perfect, complete, beautiful and Strong!!! That is how he sees YOU!

Satan and the world will show you something totally different and make it really easy to believe that you are less than these things!!!!

I pray that God will make you Brave! I pray he will light a fire in your heart and when Satan sends the distractions; I pray God will let you see them as just that…distractions! Keep your eyes on Jesus and when you feel like your eye is wandering…Look up!!!!

Let God make you BRAVE!!!

God Bless!!!!!

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