Day 13 – The WORLD is not “bad”!

1 John 4:4New Living Translation (NLT)

But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.

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With all of the chaos and problems going on in the world, it is easy to think that this world is doomed. It’s easy to think that there is so much trouble; that it is impossible to fix it or change it; therefore, we do nothing…we live our lives as we have and hope and pray for the best.

A good majority of Americans claim to be “religious”.  I dislike the term “religious” because quite frankly we don’t follow religion – we follow God….This makes for an entire different post though so I digress.

Today, I had to run errands all over town and I intentionally tried to smile at every person I came in contact with. I even spoke to a good majority of them…to several I even conversed about God. (This is the second time I have done this, both times I have met fantastic people)

What did I realize? I quickly realized…despite all the bad you hear of and the evil you see…there are a LOT of good people out there!

What is sad about today’s world is that we don’t communicate with each other; shucks, most the time we barely acknowledge each other.  Everyone is walking around in their own-private-world. They communicate to those they work with, are friends with or family to.

If you watch people while you are out and about, you will notice many don’t even look at those walking towards them. Instead, they look down at their phone, talk on their phone or converse with the person they are with.

You could come in contact with 1,000 people, easy in a day, and never communicate with any of them!

Look at airplanes! People hope and pray they sit next to someone who WON’T talk to them!!! Can you imagine Jesus sitting next to someone on a flight and reading his kindle…never acknowledging the person to his left or right? That’s a negative dear friends! He would be reaching out to everyone and showing compassion!

I understand, some people are shy, introverted or uncomfortable around those they don’t know. The thing is though, the more withdrawn we become from one another, the less compassion we feel towards one another.

We hear some horrific stories, we watch what is happening in different cities here in our own country. What do we do about it though? Sadly, more often than not, we express our opinion on Facebook or to our close circle of loved ones and friends…then that’s it.

What if instead of talking…we started walking?

What if you smile and say hello to each person you walk by? They may not smile back, but a good portion of the time…they will.

What if you say “How are you?” to a stranger and actually paused for a moment to hear their reply?

What if you notice someone having a bad day at work and you surprise them with a candy bar or cup of coffee. Then you simply smile at them and show some compassion!

Oh oh…what if you respond to something that was negatively done to you…with something positive instead!

It is so frustrating how the “bad” in the world takes the center stage! We talk about it and complain about it, but we don’t do anything to make it any better.

No, we individually can not change the world. But if even 1/10 of those who claim to be Followers-of-Jesus stepped up and tried…Mountains could be moved!

We need to stop being silent and ” just praying” for our nation and our world. Yes, Prayer is incredibly important, but God calls on us to “act” also!

Start in your neighborhood! Smile at someone, start a conversation with someone, simply acknowledge those that you come into contact with !

A smile is contagious! A warm Hello, How are you…goes a long way!

Those who have Christ have the guidance and love of the only one who can conquer and has conquered this world!

If the followers-of-Christ step up and act and love like Christ!!!! Oh-my-word – Can you imagine how much “change” could be made!

Compassion- it is instilled in our hearts…we all have it! Sometimes the world has just compressed it down into a little corner of our heart! Dig it out and spread it around!!!!!

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