Day 8 -I Did Not Feel like Praising God Today!

Deuteronomy 10:21

“He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen.

I apologize that this post is late today. To be very honest, I did not feel like posting today. My oldest-little-guy got sick and had a nasty cough and fever. We ended up at the Emergency Room last night and found out he had pneumonia :-(.

Bless his heart…he did not feel good at all! As a Mom, it was torture! I am sitting there holding my child in my arms fully aware he is hurting, but I am powerless.

The Nurses and Doctors were great and after only a few hours we were able to come back home; initially they thought we would have to be admitted for a little bit.

When we came home, my poor little guy had a rough night. My husband and I did not sleep because we were concerned. We wanted to make sure he drank something every chance that he could. We also were trying to stay ahead of his fever and keep it down.

This morning, he was feeling better, but not himself. He was tired from not sleeping too well either. It was time for him to take his medicine, usually this is no issue, today…he wasn’t having it. I tried everything but he was not wanting to take it.

I was tired, cranky and stressed. I was worried about him and I was worried about – x, y and z – that I had to get done today. Selfishly I felt like: I don’t have time for this :-(.

In my mind, when I thought about this post, I thought…missing one day, due to the circumstances, is justifiable. At the same time though, I didn’t want to miss a day.

I thought of a few things in my journal that I could put up and count as the daily post, but it wasn’t going to be what I was feeling on my heart. Honestly, my heart was not feeling anything I would really want to put on paper.

I opened my computer to do this though…I mean something is better than nothing, right? I went to log in and – Error, the internet explorer could not connect to this site.

For a moment I panicked! Really, Now my site has crashed! I quickly found though that I could access my site and anything else…except for my admin page!

Hum…Yes God, point taken! 🙂

So I put my computer down and just hung out with my little guy. I figured what happens will happen. He was cranky and I was cranky and I thought about something I posted a while back. When in fear or doubt…Praise his name!

So we did! We turned on the song Soul on Fire by Third Day. We sang along and clapped our hands…he ended up getting up and singing with his play guitar. Though we were weak in body, God showed us he could make us strong in Spirit.

We sat down and googled a few bible verses about praise and obedience…we sat there for about 15 minutes talking about Gods word! (15 minutes in 4-year-old terms = Long Time!)

We were able to discuss why he wasn’t feeling well, but also about how amazing and awesome God made our bodies to be able to heal!

We talked about how we had amazing Nurses and Doctors and how the medicine would make us better. We prayed and thanked God for providing us these things. We also thanked God for being the best “Doctor” and best “medicine” we could ask for.

Deuteronomy 10:21

“He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen

So, No, I did not feel like praising God today! My body was weak and I just didn’t have the “fire” there.

God showed me though, that it is OK. I am to him, like my child is to me. I am his child…he knows the body gets weak, tired and down. He knows at times we don’t feel, in body, like praising him. If we allow him too though, he can strengthen us in Spirit which will in turn strengthen us in body!

Today has been Wonderful! I have gotten to spend some phenomenal one on one time with my oldest! We have had so many opportunities to discuss Jesus and his love and that is honestly better than anything I could have planned or provided for our day on my own.

Praise the Lord! For he is strong when we are weak and understanding when we struggle. His hands are mighty and his arms are wide! He will reach down and embrace us and carry us through!

Sometimes when God “interrupts” our plans…we find out how truly nominal our plans were compared to his!

Thank you Jesus!

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