Only Two Days Left until the “30 days in God’s Word” Challenge kick off!

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Life is a lot like a puzzle! Sometimes it seems like every piece is fitting together perfectly and everything is going along fine. Other times it feels like something is missing…you know you had all of the pieces to start with, but one is now missing.

Do you feel like something might be missing in your life, or like your “puzzle is almost complete” but something is missing and you’re not sure what?

Please join us for the “30 Days in Gods Word” challenge!

For 30 days – you will be provided with a daily devotional. All you have to do is read! I have been praying hard for this and really hope you will open up your heart and allow God to wiggle in just a little! I promise it will be rewarding and you will be uplifted! God’s word is powerful and you will be amazed what it will do to your life!

Only 2 days until the challenge begins! Monday, April 19, it starts!

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I hope you will join us!

God Bless!


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