7 things I want to tell my boys and them to never forget:


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As a mom, I dread the day my boys set out on their own. I dread them leaving the safety and comfort of home; home where they have been protected, loved and supported. I will do everything in my power to raise them to be prepared for the world. I will try to provide them with the knowledge and tools, but it is the beliefs I will try to instill in them…that I fear the most deteriorating.


7 things I want to tell my boys and them to never forget:


1- God is REAL and you NEED him!

God is not the most popular thing in our culture right now.

We are going towards an – everything goes – kind of society. People think their freedoms go over and above Gods word.

God is being pushed further and further out of society and we will see the repercussions for this.

God is REAL though and you NEED him!

He is the light, your salvation and your comforter in this great big world! Without him, you will be on an endless search for love and acceptance. You will look high and low and never find “what you’re looking for”.

You NEED God – You will never NEED anything else like you need him! He will carry you when things get hard, comfort you when you cry, support you and love you when no one else will…he will be the love that completes you!

2- Sex! Wait until your married!

No, No, NO…you do NOT have to “test the product before you buy”! This is a LIE! Sex is God’s gift to us; it is to be shared between one woman and one man. I promise you, if you wait and let God lead the right person into your life…you will not be disappointed!

Sex is an emotional piece of your self much more than physical. When you give this piece of yourself… you can’t get it back. You may not see the consequences immediately, but they will come.

Guard your heart and the heart of the girl you are dating! Don’t take from her something you can’t give back and don’t give her something you can’t get back!

Save yourself for the one that God has for you! Save your gift and always remember that it is a GIFT! Sex is NOT a recreational activity and it is not something you should do for fun!

The world has GREATLY demolished the importance and “specialness” of sex. It has made it equivalent to giving someone a hug. If you reach a certain age and haven’t “done it” then you are “weird”, “different” or “uncool”.

Don’t believe this, it is a horrible lie! God’s word has NEVER been wrong, his way is not always the easy or popular way…but believe me when I say…it is the RIGHT way!

3 – That “voice” in your head telling you yes or no…It’s real!

I was 31 years old before I figured this out!

I always believed that I had a good conscience and that I got it from your Grandma!

If and when I did something wrong, I would HAVE to confess it or I would go crazy. It would torture me inside until I confessed to my mom, dad, sister…whoever…what I had done.

Guess what, this “voice” is not genetic and it isn’t something you develop over time. This “voice” is the Holy Spirit…it is God speaking to you.

When you feel this “voice” convicting you or directing you…listen to it! It is literally God giving you direction and it will never lead you astray!

4 – Stand up for what you believe in!

Today there are so many controversial issues in the world. People will believe one way for something and another for something else.

The Bible has the answers. The answers/rules have always been the same. The bible is God’s word and it directs us and guides us through this life.

Don’t pick and choose what you believe from it…this is hypocritical and wrong. Believe in Gods word…All of it and never feel ashamed or afraid to stand up for it.

When Gods word is spoken, it will never be a waste or in vain!

5 – Home is where your Family is and where you will always “belong”!

I know that you will make mistakes! We all do!

There will be times that Satan will tell you that – something you have done is beyond forgiveness.

He will tell you “they will never forgive you”! “They will hate you for this!”

Again, sweet boys, this is a lie.

You will always, always, always be loved in this family! There is nothing at all on the face of this earth you could do to change that!

Your daddy and I love you with more love than this world could ever hold! (There are tears I my eyes typing this because it is so true)

Yes, there will be times that you do things that hurt us.

We will be disappointed and there will be things hard for you to say and for us to hear. We will get through it though because in this house, we love and we forgive.

God put this family together and because of that we will always persevere!

Listen to your heart and your conscience (Holy Spirit 🙂 ) it will lead you and direct you.

For those times though that you “mess up” never be afraid to come to us, your family! We will love you thru all of your good and thru all of your bad!

Between us and God we will make it all work out!

6 – God is never away from you!

There will be times that we are apart. You will go to school, friends houses, on trips and eventually move out on your own.

We (mommy, daddy and you) will be apart, but you will never be apart from God. He will be there to hold you, hug you, comfort you and consul you when mommy and daddy can’t.

He will also be there to guide you and convict your heart when mommy and daddy can’t!

Lean on him and always remember that you were God’s Child first! God gave you to Mommy and Daddy to parent you here on earth, but you belong ultimately to him.

Mommy and Daddy are human and sadly because of this…we will at times fail you.

God…he NEVER will fail you! He is your ultimate “daddy”! Hold onto his hand and never, ever let go!

7 – Dream and Dream Big!

You are meant to do great things! God put you on this earth for a purpose!

Even when the world tells you – you are too small or not smart enough…ignore them!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Psalm 139:14. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Gods works are wonderful!

He has done many BIG things with what the world called “small” people!

God wants us to have goals…big goals as long as they are in line with his will!

Never run from your dreams or be afraid to dream them…God gives us dreams for a reason!

You will accomplish great things thru him and I am so excited to see who you become!


PS – In case you haven’t picked up on it yet…I LOVE YOU and yes I will be that mom…the mom that wants hugs and calls you handsome! I will be that mom that screams and cheers for you at all of your activities! I promise none of it will be to embarrass you…sometimes the love in a momma’s heart just can’t be contained!





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