Prayer? When do you do it?


I have heard many speakers and pastors who have discussed A dry well. That time in your day, week or life when you are just spiritually dry.

Life becomes busy and you catch yourself going a million different directions. In this chaos, we often put our spiritual hunger on hold.

When we finally get to go to bed at night, we are too tired to read our bible. Perhaps, the kiddos keep interrupting you so you can’t get a chance to read it.

Prayer becomes quick and scripted – Thank you God for all of your blessings and for loving me. Protect my family from evil and keep us healthy and safe…Amen.

Overtime, you may not realize it, but God becomes about as significant in your life as a trip to the dentist. That may sound harsh, but it’s true.

At one point in time years ago I remember asking myself – when was the last time you prayed. The sad thing is, my answer wasn’t one I could give. Why? Because I honestly could not remember the last time.

We sometimes think of God as a “go-to-when-needed” kind of God.  If someone is sick, pray. If a job is lost, pray. If there is an interview or a big game, pray.

What about the times when we are out and driving in our cars? Do we think to pray then? God has provided us with the means to have a car, put gas in the car and the safe trip in our car. Does that thought ever come to mind?

What about when we are at work? Do we think to pray and thank God for providing us with a job, with income and possibly great relationships with co-workers?

How about when we are at the grocery store? You know there are millions of people in the world starving literally to death who would love to go to a grocery store!  We often though take the blessing of going to a store and picking up food, for granted sometimes even complaining about it.

What about simply waking up this morning and taking a breath? Life is a precious gift and never a guarantee! Did we thank God we woke up this morning?

We hear about Christians in many foreign countries that daily undergo persecution. They have little if anything to call their own. Clothing is – anything they can find to cover their body. Food is scarce and if they are lucky, something they may get once a day.

These fellow brothers and sisters have NOTHING, but they cry out to GOD all the time. They praise him for their life, for the little food they may get and another day with their family. They pray to him for strength and help. They DIE for him!

We, here in America, we are blessed so much that we don’t even see it. We take for granted eating, drinking water, clothes, cars, shelter and the freedom to pray!

I don’t even like to call us “blessed” because sometimes I think all we have is actually a curse. It is a way that Satan can distract us from our main life-line, Jesus.

You know in many countries if you are caught praying, you will be killed! There’s no jury or judge, you will be killed! Yet, there are people daily that do this and DIE for it!

Here in America, we could kneel on the corner of the street or in a restaurant and pray! Yet, we don’t!

Why? We don’t think about it. Instead of looking around us and seeing all of our “blessings” we see our “accomplishments”.

We have successful jobs, nice houses, nice cars, several outfits, food on our table…we don’t truly have any needs. So, we don’t pray! Why should we…life is going good and we don’t have anything to ask for so…!

In reality, our successful jobs, nice houses, nice cars, several outfits, food on our table…these are all just things none of which are guarantees.

We could wake up tomorrow and it could all be gone faster than it came.

I bet then we would pray!

God is waiting for you and wants to hear from you as often as possible! We need to stop only calling on him when things get rough and start thanking him in the times things are good!

Praise him in the sunshine and praise him through the storms. Prayer is how we connect with God. If we went days, weeks or months without talking to our spouse, kids or parents…what would our relationships look like.

Prayer is not something you have to do in quiet on your knees. Prayer can be done anywhere you please or feel the need. Open your eyes to EVERYTHING around you and pay attention to the little things that you have. Take for granted nothing! Assume a little and Pray a LOT!

God Bless









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