Just a thought…I like to think we all started off in heaven…


MaThoPa / Pixabay

I like to think we all started off in heaven.

I imagine a picture of before we were conceived; we were God’s children playing in heaven.

One day God called to us and had us come sit on his lap.

He said, child it is time for you to go to earth.

We tell him no, we don’t want to go there. It can be a bad place!

Jesus says to us:

I love you and when you get there I will be with you always. While you are there, on earth, you will have two choices.

One, you can remember me, believe in me and live for me. By doing these things I will be able to bring you back home one day, to heaven.

There is a chance, when you get there, people will give you the temptations of “human” life. They will show you things that you can do to find what they call peace and pleasure. My child, should you choose to follow them and their ways, I cannot bring you back home, to heaven.

We were born with the choice, it is ours to make!

Just a thought 🙂

Goodnight and God bless!

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