Why the cross?

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Today is Good Friday, today is the day that Jesus spoke the prophetic phrase “It is finished”! He released his spirit and died.

We all know the story; Jesus, died on the cross, saved us from our sin, came back to life and rose into heaven promising to return one day.

This morning the question came to my mind, “why the cross?”. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross, the most brutal death known to man?


Jesus could have “died” in many ways, but the cross is significant.


Today, we see the “cross” all over. It is displayed on top of churches, on books, in artwork, people have it tattooed on their body and it is worn as jewelry by many.

In the bible the cross is a central topic. There is the old testament before Christ that prophesizes the cross and then the new testament that refers to the cross. We also have time which is noted as Before Christ and After Death.

So, the cross is a well-known symbol and almost anyone would associate it with religion.


But why, why the cross?


Jesus was here on earth for approximately 33-34 years. His ministry was reported as approximately 3 years. In that time, he was always humble. He never wore crowns or jewels, he never lived in fancy houses, he never had “servants” and he never saw himself above or superior to anyone. He washed the feet of his disciples. He found the most “broken” people and made them whole again. He healed the sick and he loved the unlovable.

He preached and told of God. He performed many miracles and created many followers. People proclaimed him as the Son of God and worshiped him in his name. So why did this wonderful person have to die such an excruciating death?

Well…Love! Love, is the only answer I could find.

If Jesus had been stabbed in the street or murdered in some other “common” way his love would not have been seen and spoke of for thousands of years. Some say it was theatrical and that he did it for a story. I say that he did do it for a story! A true, beautiful, amazing Love Story…for and about us!

He chose to go along with his own torture and execution. He is Jesus, he could have stopped it at any time with the blink of an eye! But he didn’t, he went along with it and allowed the horrific things to happen to him, to show us his love.

Think about it, when you see depictions of Jesus on the cross or movies re-enacting it. What do you feel? Love! You see him being beaten, spit on, mocked and killed and you feel Love!  Because you know it was all for you!

If Jesus had just died a simple death and never risen from the grave, the story would have come and gone. It would have been more like, Jesus died…he was defeated.

Jesus was not defeated though, Jesus defeated death!

From this defeat, we have a beautiful love story that has spanned generations and will continue until Christ return!

I found a great page this morning while trying to find my answer to the question “Why the Cross?”

If you would like to see it click here. There is an audio sermon and also notes from Richard Cunningham-the Director of the University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).  He discusses the misconceptions of the cross.

If you would like to read more on the crucifixion of Christ you can read my post, You and I were there.

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