4 weapons Satan uses against Parents…and they don’t even realize it.

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Being a parent is possibly one of the hardest jobs that I have had. It is also very rewarding!

What would you think if I told you almost ALL of the pressure that we feel is not real? (This is where you think I am crazy and keep reading to see how silly and ridiculous I sound lol :-).)

Well, guess what! I am not crazy and honestly the pressures of parenting can be greatly reduced if we get to the source of the pressure and disable it. What is the source of the pressure? Satan!

What? You might be thinking, but please continue reading, so I can tell you why I feel this.

There are lies that Satan will tell you. Lots of them! He also has many weapons that he can use against us. Often we don’t even realize that he is there, let alone attacking us.

If you think about it our children are HUGE targets for him. What better way is there to achieve his goals than starting from the ground up. If he can get to our children, as children, then he can easily get to them as adults.

We as parents are very vulnerable to him. Why? Because we are distracted. We have these lives that we are in charge of. They’re our responsibility and if we don’t do this parenting thing right…we may ruin their future! So we focus on them so much that we turn a blind eye and Satan can jump right in!

How will Satan attack us as parents? Well, read below and see if you have experienced any of the following examples:


He will make you consumed with it!

He will make you worry about every step your child takes.

He will tell you, that YOU are in charge of your child’s success and if you mess this up your child will fail.

He will make sure that you notice every little wrong thing that you do and he will magnify it to seem much bigger than it really is.

He will show you your flaws, over and over and over again. He will make you doubt yourself and your ability to be a good parent.

He will put EVERYTHING on YOU! All the responsibility, the success, the providing and the protection…ALL ON YOU!


You are not good enough!

Well, if you were a good Mom/Wife you would have a clean house, dinner cooked, laundry done and a smile on your face all the time.

If you were a good Dad, you would be bringing home the bacon…and lots of it!

He will point out the day-to-day hardships and make you feel inadequate. He will tell you that you’re doing a bad job.

He may even cause you to see your child/children as a burden. Maybe something along the lines of “if I didn’t have kids I would have so much time to do…” or “If I didn’t have kids I could go…”.

He could even turn your own body against you:

As a mom, you may feel that since you’ve had kids, your body is no longer appealing to your husband. Maybe there’s few extra pounds, stretch marks, hips or “sagginess” where there use to be “perkiness”!

As a Dad, he might make your kids seem like competition. He may bring to the fore front of your mind that your wife consumes herself with your kids and then at night she is too exhausted to spend one on one time or “be with” you.


Money! We need it for food, transportation, shelter, clothing, college funds, retirement…pretty much everything.

How do we get MONEY? We work hard and many hours for it!

The issue is, we are spending a majority of our time working and making money to provide for all of our needs and wants. By doing so we are taking ourselves away from our children and our families.

We are placing our kids into the care of others and letting them be away from us a majority of the time. We are allowing them to be out of our reach and influence for more time than they are in it.

Now, I am not saying that we should all quit work, grow a garden and live in tents. I understand that money is needed to live and working is how we make it.

Maybe, if we could take our focus off of the materialistic things and the future, just a bit, we could see that our children are here and need us now. They aren’t so concerned with the house they live in, the cars they ride in or their future schooling. They just want us and our time!

What if we downgrade our expectations of needs and wants. What if we live within our means, whatever those means may be. A house is a house…it provides shelter whether it is big or small. A car is a car…it gets you from point A to point B whether it is fancy or plain.

What if we trust in God to provide our child’s future. Your child has a purpose in this life and God will make sure that it is achieved. Keep in mind, your child was Gods first and ultimately belongs to him. God wants the best for your child!

What if we show our children that what is important in life, is not what the world will tell them. What is important in life is God and family. What if we convince ourselves of this too.

What if we combat Satan in this department and take back what God made to be so strong? Our Families!

Our Marriage:

God made marriage to be a union of two people becoming one! We are stronger together and need one another.

Satan will allow us to see our spouses faults way more than their strengths. He will put us against each other and in some cases make us feel unhappy or miserable.

He will try to pull apart, what God has joined together.

Satan knows if he can weaken the marriage, he will weaken the family and a weakened family becomes very vulnerable.

Your spouse is your partner, your lover, your friend, your strength and so much more. You have to be united together in order to lead your family.

If there is weakness in your marriage then it will carry onto your family.


Parenting is hard, I will be the first to admit that.

Satan wants to make it really hard!

He wants to tear you down and weaken you so that he gains exposure to your child. Don’t let him or the worldly view stand in the way of your family.

Success is raising children of God, children that love, children that have a servant’s heart and embrace life! Don’t let him cloud you with the world view!

Focus on your spouse, your kids…your family!  At the end of the day, they are the ones we live for…they are our purpose!

Success is coming home and getting hugs and kisses.

Success is seeing disappointment in your child’s eyes when they know they have done something wrong and feel bad for it.

Success is watching your child help someone, open a door for an elderly person or simply smile at a stranger.

Let the pressure go!

You’re kids/family don’t need the physical or material items, they need you! You are a good parent! You LOVE your child and that is where his/her security lies, where their character is built and their life is formed.

You will make mistakes…you’re human…but own up to those mistakes and move on.

Lead your child by example and show them the way!






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  1. This is so good and a timely emphasis on what God has been teaching me. It’s also good to remember that, just like Job, all Satan’s tempting is through God’s consent and that we have Jesus always interceding on our behalf {I found this very encouraging when I was reading Barbara Hughes’ Disciplines of a Godly Woman in the chapter on Perseverence}.

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