Author: Lovegigglesandchaos


The world is Gods DNA

If God was not real, what would be the point of this life? The “mysteries” of this life have never been fully explained because there is a God. People are more willing to dedicate...


Prayer? When do you do it?

  I have heard many speakers and pastors who have discussed A dry well. That time in your day, week or life when you are just spiritually dry. Life becomes busy and you catch...


Why the cross?

Today is Good Friday, today is the day that Jesus spoke the prophetic phrase “It is finished”! He released his spirit and died. We all know the story; Jesus, died on the cross, saved...


You and I were there!

  Ok, I have literally started and re-started this post 3 times now. Each time knowing there is something I want to say but not knowing how or what exactly :-). So, bare with me...

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